They Neglect Other Important Parts of Runescape

Well all I had to know was that a guy out of RoT (?)



That leads to another point that is significant. Clans. Jagex has not done jack shit for clans because OSRS's release. Even though they teased the clan world with large and helpfull updates comming soon (tm). Deadman mode, LMS, all pitiful attempts (in my humbly opinion) from the mods to give OSRS some opportunity at the E-sports since that's the present hype. (note that other games try and appeal to the e-sport scene. Which mostly ends hilariousy bad).Catering certain ways in hopes of becoming OSRS in the e-sports isn't a bad thing at all, but the fact they neglect other important parts of RuneScape Gold  in favour of unsuccessful gamemodes.

Anyone have? Look, you pkers want ppl into pk but you don't have any fantastic idea on the best way best to attract ppl in. In case jagex adds anything that provides rewards, it'll be tapped. You guys weren't satisfied with pking just being pking, you men got deadman style, LMS, pvp worlds and new weapons during pvm updates. You won't ever be satisfied so that they have to keep trying to appease you guys, with only pking. Try hards left it inaccessible to players that are fresh and ruined the crazy, alter my thoughts.

PvP will never be good. It's only for gamblers. Due to the risk. I really don't like losing my shit. I don't think anyone does. There is a fantastic reason a lot of games don't punish you with passing mechanics. Simple reality is I am never going to risk enough in PvP to make it rewarding for somebody attempting to kill me. Bounty Hunter ended up creating a system and only tried to resolve this by making kills more rewarding. Jagex needs to ditch the death mechanisms. I would spend time at the wilderness letting if I was not losing my stuff each time PvP pures mess my asshole. Not a popular notion but that is the way I view it.

Well all I had to know was that a guy out of RoT (?) When they would upgrade the clan wars that were fucking PM'd jmods, requested the OSRS twitter. He requested it although I might be wrong. This is the straw for a few and that I can not blthem, after all they are too"lazy" to Buy Runescape Gold upgrade the statues of the clan cup. That was abandonded after 2015. (and unironicly also leaving the skilling community without"cups" untill kots lmao fine job Jagex).