How to Choose the Right Injection Molding Machine

Procurement project of Injection Molding Machine is not a small investment project



Procurement project of Injection Molding Machine is not a small investment project; it is wasteful to buy a large injection molding machine, also it is too small to be used; therefore, how to choose an injection molding machine that meets needs of its own products becomes content of concern for each buyer. Master Packing integrated multi-party data, edited a relatively simple and practical purchase considerations, hoping to give customers of injection molding factory a little good advice and help!

Consider the Model Series

Nowadays, you can find different model series of this type of machines. Since each industry has different needs, manufacturers tend to make different models to meet the needs of all the industries.

So, your first move should be to opt for the right series based on your needs, such as raw material and application. For instance, you can opt for the HPET Series or PET Series machine. So, it depends on your needs.

Consider the Mould size

Second, you need to make sure that you can load the mold in the machine. This can be done if you know the size of the mold. So, the guide post of the machine should be bigger than the size of the mold.

It’s also important to the know the minimum and maximum thickness of the mold as well. Besides, the platen size is also important.

Consider the opening stroke

Don’t forget to take a closer look at the ejector stroke and product size. The opening stroke of the injection molding machine should be large than the opening stroke of the mold. This is vital as you won’t be able to take the product out if the size is not right.

Clamping Force

You need a lot of clamping force for the proper functioning of the machine. Ideally, you need more clamping force than you need. You may want to read up on how to figure out the clamping force.

Full Injection

Based on the cavity size of your mold and the size of the product, you may want to figure out the weight of the shot. We have a simple formula that can help you perform this calculation. If you multiply cavities by product weight, you can get the shot weight. For best performance, the shot weight should be a little bigger than your actual requirement.

Well Shot

You need to make the adjustment and opt for the right screw with the right injection pressure and L/D ratio. Usually, it depends upon the type of raw material you use for your product. Each material type requires different injection pressure.

Injection Speed

If the injection speed is not right, the end product won’t meet the quality standards. Many factors have an impact on the injection speed, such as mold design, material type, and the product. For this information, you may want to get in touch with the mold manufacturers to ensure that the machine can satisfy the requirements.

With above procedures, we will have the skills to choose suitable models of plastic injection machines for common situation. But we still need to consider some other factors when customers need some special injection molding machines, So please ask for some advise from the injection manufacturer - petblowingmachine if you are not sure which machine is right for you.