Why Happen to Be Playing Rs3 and I Decided to Depart OSRS

Why Happen to Be Playing Rs3 and I Decided to Depart OSRS



I played rs3 back in 2009, left it kept playing OSRS Gold   from 2016 until 3 days back, was tired of farming vorkath, idea why not attempt rs3, just played it for few hours, loved it so much and decided to sell my whole bank at osrs, the thing is that I thought it was awful on account of the massive badmouthing about it. For me personally Idfc around mtx I could ignore it, and I love customization also I hated osrs combat design and personalizing Truth all time, meanwhile eoc is significantly addictive and advanced, the last thing I enjoyed rs3 graphics makes you feel as though you are in a living universe. And that I dc about pvp, I adored rs3 has supervisors with mechanics because of the engine. That was why happen to be playing rs3 and I decided to depart OSRS.

I know there is folks out there that don't utilize tools like that either out of personal motive or because they don't know they exist but I would be willing to bet a big proportion of people chasing clue rewards are using something or Alt-1. Using it raises the amount of clues solved at any given period for the average user making clues more viable and less tedious. Content was developed because individuals solved clues and getting the clue specific rewards faster, hence lucky components are a thing along with the treasure trail shop exists. Both thoughts played with in hand, even though it shouldn't have. I'd wonder if we'd have gotten the treasure trails updates we did get if Alt-1 (or anything similar) never existed.

If you are fishing for controversy they are talking different passing mechanics in OSRS now. The current system is in case you die your heap lasts for an hour (an answer to DDoS attacks years ago). Some desire what RS3 has, gravestones,"death's office", some do not want it to change, some are purists who need the old 2-minute timer+lootable piles. Then there is the issue of introducing further costs for dying from pvm. Also they're proposing a"freebie" if disconnect was involved. The modifications made are also going to be surveyed but not polled, meaning player votes won't be making the decision, but they might provide suggestions.

So basically Jagex is hoping to draw something up complex by scratch, and some players may (rightfully) dread that it ends up being a mechanic that strangles OSRS much like the end of free commerce, the wilderness, and early-era EoC did for RS2.5/RS3. That's about as far as I am eager to outline, Jagex's news site was kinda and made it overly word-soupy as normal. Some people are so riled up they're probably willing to stop /"quit" RSGoldFast  and provide RS3 a shot.


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