Swept in to Announce Path of Exile Mobile

Swept in to Announce Path of Exile Mobile



A version of the popular free-to-play RPG POE Currency was declared in Auckland this weekend at ExileCon. Grinding Gear creator Chris Wilson told GameSpot that he expects to release Path of Exile mobile, regarding what the game even should be, but maybe not until the firm can answer the questions. The studio has created a piece of this match but where it goes from there--if Grinding Gear decides to continue the project--remains to be seen.

"I would like to release itbut when it's bad, we won't bother," Wilson told GameSpot. "It is looking great, so I am expecting a launch. [But] there is questions. Does this possess the Path of Exile 2 articles? We can do that. I can press on a button and it's running on it. So it's a matter of what do we want to place it as. Does it have its own narrative. We haven't decided this kind of stuff "

Path of Exile Mobile was declared during the ExileCon keynote with a silly, tongue-in-cheek trailer poking fun at some of the popular industry trends around cellular games. Path of Exile Mobile will not have any pay-to-win components, and it's being developed in-house as opposed to. The announcement trailer is well worth a view --check it out from the movie. Path of Exile Mobile was one of the shows at ExileCon this weekend. Grinding Gear announced Path of Exile two, a new expansion for the game, and much more. For much more on all the big reveals, check out GameSpot's news roundup below.

In the wake of last year's announcement for Diablo Immortal, it was obvious the mobile gaming scene was ripe for an excellent ARPG launch, and Grinding Gear Games has just swept in to announce POE Goods Mobile. The name has been developed in house, and the developers say this mobile version will buck the platform's"bullshit tendencies," that plays directly into Blizzard's snafu this past year. Amazingly Grinding Gear Games is aware of mobile gaming downsides, and thus has gone out of its way to release a trailer which says the company is focusing its efforts on producing a fantastic game that averts the evil garbage mobile games are famous for.


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